Types of Large Basins

Types of Large Basins

Basins, or sinks, are primarily areas that are meant for washing. In a household, large basins are most often put to use in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, many people prefer to install basins in their backyards or gardens, either for decorative purposes like a fountain, or for washing up outdoors. There are so many varieties and types of large basins available in the market today that choosing one could be quite a hassle.

There are many types of large basins that can be classified based on several parameters:

  • Area of use such as washroom basins, kitchen basins or outdoor basins
  • Material of construction such as stainless steel or porcelain
  • Mode of installation such as on the wall, on pedestals and so on.


Large Basins of Various Uses

As mentioned earlier, large basins find multiple uses around the house. There are different types of large basins based on the use. If you are lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen, a large basin could be a blessing, especially while washing large pans or pots. Dishes of any size fit easily into large basins and scrubbing them becomes less of a hassle. Filling up the basin with soap water is also easier as it does not tend to spill out so much.

In bathrooms as well, large basins can be a great convenience. If you are having a bad morning and running late, a quick hair wash is much easier inside a basin. Again, spillage of water doesn't occur so frequently, so it's easier to maintain a clean and safe bathroom environment. However, for outdoor purposes, large basins may not be of much use since mostly outdoor sinks are meant for washing hands and spillage isn't much of an issue.

Materials Used to Make Large Basins

Most basins that are commonly used in homes are either made of stainless steel or porcelain. While the former find more use in kitchens, the latter are used in bathrooms. Stainless steel large basins are all mostly of the same type, there's not much of variation there. The only variation you could go for is the drain either on the center or the corner of the basin. Alternatively, copper, granite or cast iron basins are found in some kitchens as well. On the other hand, porcelain or glass basins come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs. You could really get creative in choosing the right kind of large basin for your bathroom.

Installation of Large Basins

Many types of large basins can be found based on their mode of installation. In kitchens, mostly stainless steel basins are installed in such a way that they blend in with your kitchen platform. Another interesting type of large basin is the undermount basin. This is a type of sink that is attached from under the counter of the kitchen. Basins in bathrooms are generally mounted on a pedestal, which is like a vertical stand. Sometimes large basins in bathrooms are also wall mounted.

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