Large Inset Basin

Large Inset Basin

Selecting a basin for your new or remodeled bathroom can be quite a hassle. In today's world, where the beautification of every aspect of the home is given utmost importance, the bathroom is hardly something for you to ignore. With the right kind of basin set in your wash room area, you could create a subtle or bold style statement or an elegant appeal

Before you go about choosing what color, shape or size of basin you would require, it's important to pay a bit of attention to the various types and styles of basins available in the market today. Depending on your usage, sense of style, personality and maintenance ability, you can choose from any of these styles of basins:

  • Countertop basins, that are basically set on the counter.
  • Vanity basins, that are incorporated along with cabinets.
  • Inset basins.
  • Undermount basins.
  • Recessed basins.
  • Pedestal mounted basins.


There are many more, but these are some of the more widely used styles. Let's take a deeper look into one of these styles, the inset basin.

What is an Inset Basin?

An inset basin is where the basin is 'inset' or embedded into any type of surface that is mounted to the wall of your bathroom. A large inset basin may be incorporated into a counter or a cabinet. If subtlety is what you consider to be your style, you could definitely consider getting a large inset basin for your bathroom. With the bottom side of the sink and the pipes neatly hidden away below a platform surface, inset basins could lend a beautiful look and appeal to your bathroom.

Large inset basins are commonly found in public spaces and restrooms, where a series of basins are installed along a long stretch of counter.

Types of Inset Basins

If you are looking to install an inset basin in your master bedroom or kids bedroom, you could easily consider going for a double-sink inset unit. In this type, two basins would be inset into a cabinet or a counter which not just looks good, but is also convenient. A vanity in your bathroom with a large inset basin could also look lovely, simultaneously creating that much needed storage space for cleaning materials, beauty products, etc.

Inset basins are also available in many shapes, colors and materials. While some prefer to have ceramic basins installed into granite or marble counters, there are many other options that you can play around with. A large inset basin may be round, oval, square, rectangular or long and shaped like a trough. The installation of the faucet may be on the inset basin itself or mounted on to the wall. The choice can be made depending on your preference. Once you have decided upon these factors, the color and size of the large inset basin can be chosen.

Several retail and wholesale websites on the internet have inset basins for sale. You can browse through a large variety of catalogs before making your choice.



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