Large Basin Model

Large Basin Model

Wash basins find use in our daily lives in kitchens, bathrooms and also for outdoor use. There are many different basin models available today and these can be classified in terms of color, size, shape and material used. Also, many different styles of basin models are available. Selecting the right kind of  large basin model for your home could be quite a daunting task. A lot of research could, however, make the task easier.

Let's take a look at some of the salient features of different basin models available in the market today.

Kitchen Basin Models

  • Surface Mount Basins: In this large basin model, the sink is mounted on the counter so that the rim is visible.
  • Under-counter Mount Basins: This type involves the mounting of the sink underneath the counter so that the rim is not visible.
  • Stainless Steel Basins: This model tends to give a very professional look to the kitchen and goes well with modern designs and modular kitchens.
  • Granite Basins: They are very durable and strong. Wonderfully easy to maintain, granite basin models are scratch, chip, stain and heat resistant. Though expensive, they last for a long time.
  • Copper Basins: This basin model is good for an antique look in the kitchen. Brass is another material suitable for the same. They are long lasting, and quite resistant to discoloration as well as stains. However, these are very expensive and are considered to be luxury sinks.
  • Single-Bowl Basins: These are ideal for people who do not wash too many dishes or those who use a dishwasher. The depth of the bowl can be varied according to need.
  • Double-bowled Basins: If you wash dishes by hand this large basin model can be very useful for washing in one and rinsing in the other bowl. Install it along with a swinging faucet and you will be good to go.
  • Vessel Basins: In this model, the basin is like a large vessel that sits on the surface. It has an artistic look, but could be a hassle to manage.


Bathroom Basin Models

  • Pedestal Basins: These are available in small or large basin models, and are seated upon a single pedestal. A very classic choice, especially for small bathrooms, since they occupy little space. However, extra storage space is minimal.
  • Console Basins: These are excellent for small bathrooms. This type of basin model is mounted on top of a counter. Resembling a table, it is supported by two legs in the front and the wall at the back.
  • Wall mounted Basins: As the name suggests, the basin is installed to the wall. They are mostly found in public restrooms. For home use they are not recommended if you tend to exert a lot of weight on the sink.
  • Vessel Basins: Similar to the kitchen vessel basin model, these are vessel shaped basins that sit on the counter.
  • Vanity Basin: This large basin model is installed into cabinets or storage spaces and is the most practical and aesthetically appealing of all the basin models. These could be top mounted or under mounted.


All these types of large basin models and many more can be found on the internet on several retail and wholesale websites. You could take your pick after browsing through many catalogs and designs.




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