Large Basin Stand

Large Basin Stand

While there are many different types and models of basins available, the most basic one involves a basin resting or mounted on a stand. Ideal for smaller, less fancy bathrooms, a basin may be mounted on to a variety of different stands. Pedestal large basin stands allow the sink to be mounted on a long pedestal. Other models allow for the basin to be mounted on counters, cabinets, etc.

Before you go about choosing a large basin stand, you would have to understand the different factors that could influence your choice. Some of them include:

  • Material of which the basin stand is made.
  • Material of which the basin is made.
  • Size of the basin as well as the stand.
  • Storage space considerations.
  • Space constraints in your bathroom


Materials for a Large Basin Stand

While there are several materials available that are used to make basin stands, you would need to consider the ease of maintenance, cost and aesthetics before you choose. Many people choose wooden basin stands. This could provide an antique and traditional look if you are into that kind of appeal. Stone large basin stands are also a lovely option to consider. Marble and granite are the popular choices. Some opt for concrete stands as well. However, stone tends to be expensive, just as glass. Glass basin stands are also hard to maintain.

The most common choice of material for a large basin stand would be ceramic. Easy to clean and easy on the pocket, ceramic stands are available in many shapes, colors and sizes.          

Large Basin Stand Models

Once you have chosen the material of the basin stand, the model needs to be selected. There are several ways in which you could place a basin on top of a stand. A pedestal basin stand allows you to place the sink on top of a long pedestal. However, if you have chosen wood, stone or glass, a top or under mount basin would look very elegant and appealing. In the former type of basin stand, the rim would be visible, whereas, in the latter it would not. Which one you go for would depend on your liking.

Also, a large basin stand could serve the dual purpose of a storage area as well. If the basin is mounted onto a storage space or a cabinet, like in the case of a vanity unit, a lot of extra storage area may be created in your bathroom. You could use it to place towels, beauty products, cleaning products and more. In some bathrooms, especially small ones, basin stands that are just like the legs of a table are used. The basin is wall mounted and supported by the legs on the front side. This basin stand model looks pretty and quaint.

Before purchasing stands for your bathrooms, make sure you have taken a look at all the varieties of  basin stand models that are available. You could find them in catalogs from manufacturers of bathroom accessories and on many websites on the internet.




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