Large Vanity Basin Unit

Large Vanity Basin Unit

Given the large varieties of basins available today, making a decision for the kind of basin unit that fits your bathroom could be a difficult decision. Vanity basin units are one variety of bathroom basins that are available in the market. In the unit that makes up the bathroom sink, the vanity basin is the bowl shaped object. There is also storage space to keep all the products you would need in the bathroom. Within vanity basin units, there are several types to look for, depending on your needs, budget and convenience.

Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom, or constructing a new one, a large vanity basin unit can really spruce up the style and decor of the room.

Types of Large Vanity Basin Units

Depending space and budget, you can go in for more than one style of vanity basins:

  • Corner vanity basin units
  • Double sink vanity basin
  • Wall mount vanity
  • Vessel Sinks
  • Oval vanity basins
  • Scalloped vanity basin units

Choosing a Vanity Basin Unit

When space is a constraint but you would like a big sink, you can certainly consider going for a corner large vanity basin unit. A Corner vanity also tends to make the room look very pretty, especially if you are planning to have a small powder room for guests in your home. For this type of vanity basin unit, the cabinet or storage space is installed in the desired corner and the basin is mounted on top of the cabinet at an angle.

Another type of vanity basin unit is the wall mounted one. While they are more often found in commercial spaces, some people opt for them in their homes too. In this type of vanity unit, the basin is not a separate piece.  The unit consists of a platform that is mounted on the wall with a storage piece below the platform. The basin or the sink is embedded into the platform itself. The platform as well as the vanity basin could be made of granite, marble, concrete or porcelain.

If you are looking for a large vanity basin unit for the master bedroom, a double sink variety could be an excellent choice. These are good for kid's rooms as well, if you have two kids sharing a room. In such units, two basins are placed over a single cabinet with some space between them. This would allow for saving time, and would look good too. Go for it if you have the space to.

In some types of vanity basin units, the basin is like a vessel that is simply set on top of a cabinet. A swan-neck shaped faucet is installed that completes the elegant look. In such cases, the maintenance could be a problem, but it gives a great look to the bathroom.

There are several catalogs available to look at, before you make a decision. Once you do, you may make a purchase on the internet from one of the several websites that sell large vanity basin units.




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