Large Basin Wrench

Large Basin Wrench

Basins are used for the purpose of washing and cleaning in modern homes. The water supply to a basin or sink comes from an attached faucet assembly, which requires installation. Like any other type of installation, fixing a faucet to a large basin calls for the use of tools. A wrench, otherwise known as a basin wrench is one such special tool designed with a specific purpose. A basin wrench is used to install, remove or tighten the nuts that attach a faucet to the bottom of a basin.

A large basin wrench is needed for use during certain scenarios:

  • During the initial installation of a faucet assembly to basins.
  • During repairs for any kind of leaks, to remove or loosen the faucet assembly.
  • To tighten loose nuts holding the faucet to the sink.


Description of a Large Basin Wrench

A basin wrench is a rather large instrument made of a long steel rod that has a T-handle at one end. The other end is made of a jaw that is spring-loaded and can swivel. Using a large basin wrench, it is very much possible to get to those nuts located in otherwise hard-to-reach areas at the bottom of basins.   Mostly, a basin wrench is made of steel. However, sometimes plastic wrenches are available as well, which are mostly use and throw models. A basin wrench is designed in such a way that it can work on any shape or type of nut, be it a square or a hex.

How a Large Basin Wrench Works

During the installation or change of a faucet, space under even large basins tends to be quite cramped. Normal wrenches or pliers do not work to undo nuts in the given space. A basin wrench is of utmost use in such situations. In order to use a large basin wrench, the first step that needs to be followed is shutting off the water supply. Next, the water supply lines or pipes need to be removed from underneath the basin that are attached to the faucet. Once these steps are completed, the faucet is ready to be removed.

A large basin wrench now comes into the picture. This wrench is fitted with serrated teeth that are very hard. Using the long rod, it is used to reach up under the sink and remove the nuts that attach the faucet. Even if the nuts happen to be rusty, with a basin wrench you will able to take care of it. So, using the wrench the nuts are loosened and the faucet assembly can be removed by simply lifting it up and away from the sink.

After checking for leaks, or repairing the faucet as required, it may be installed once again on the basin. It is usually considered better to use new nuts during a re installation process. Simply place the faucet in position once more. Then, using the large basin wrench in a reverse direction, the nuts can be installed and tightened. Since the wrench has a swiveling jaw, it can be rotated in any direction or angle. Once tightened and installed, the water supply pipes can be put in place and use of the basin can be resumed. The use of a large basin wrench can make a seemingly complicated task much simpler.

A large basin wrench may be purchased at  your local hardware store. Additionally, many online retail websites stock the product as well.




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